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Create a podcast with an aligned offer that lights your soul on fire and attracts your tribe with ease. It's time to be PAID TO BE YOU, WITHOUT BEING A SLAVE TO SOCIAL MEDIA

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Clarity | Purpose | Revenue

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Has your business flatlined? Meaning you are the max effort and time you can give, you are doing all the things, yet nothing is budging the number in your bank account.

Truth is most marketing strategies are stacked against you and PUSHING you to PAY TO PLAY. And in the beginning that PAY-TO-PLAY number is way out of the ballpark. 

In comes the power of podcasting. Long Form, EVERY GREEN content. 

You spend two hours a week on your show and you get back endless rewards.

You spend two hours or MORE (if we are being real) on Social Media and you get back crickets and if you are lucky 24 hours of exposure. 

It's time to give your business and life a little C.P.R. with the right podcast strategy. 







Tune in each week to hear how others are leaning into what they love and following their passions to build a life of total fulfillment. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll finish each episode motivated to live life more authentically. As you Lean into your UNIQUE MAGIC and lean into SELF-LOVE, you become unstoppable. A successful Business Starts WITHIN!


Hey there!

I'M Jenn.

I’ve always believed that if you live right, then once is enough.

I’m your overeducated, spiritual, entrepreneurial, and podcast junkie! Creating the space where you can really dig into who you are to the core, finding that magic that lights you up and guiding you to spread your MAGIC like the Tsunami impact it deserves We do this together in a way that HONORS you as a PERSON and no one system will work for everyone. 


And it all starts with LOVING YOURSELF unconditionally, unapologetically, and embracing the freedom of Perfectly Imperfect Living!

Get INNNN. Best Decision EVER!

"Thank you, Jennifer, for making this soooo easy to launch with zero excuses and an amazing community of ladies!"

I had been wanting to start a podcast for over a year, but between being told how much money it costs, how much time it takes, and how much it wasn’t a money-making activity, I just gave up. I never gave up the desire…so when Jennifer launched this program, I was like, What do I have to lose? Let’s see if I can do this. And I could not have made a better decision. Not only did she walk us through all the techy stuff, but she herself learned additional platforms to assist us on what we chose to use.
On top of that, the open office support was unreal. I never expected the price to receive as much support as I did. She helped me realize my voice and it’s being heard was way more important than the imperfections I might bring. If you are looking to start a podcast I’d highly recommend Jennifer and her program. I don’t believe I would have made the leap without her and her support."
Bridgit Norris

"I never would have stepped outside my comfort zone, if not for YOUR and your COURSE! Thank you!"

Jenn’s Podcast course is very helpful when it comes to teaching first-timers what steps to take when creating a podcast. The course is laid out in a clear format, that prepares you for the work required independently.  The course takes away the guesswork and the fear when it comes to creating your own podcast!"

Colleen Edwards
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Resources for every stage of discovering your DEITY and EMBODYING your business so that you can live your soul's calling and be paid to be you! You, soul sister, are too magical to settle for being a ripple. It's time to UNLEASH YOUR TSUNAMI of CHANGE on the WORD.

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